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The Eoferwic Consort

Leonard Sanderman

conductor, harmonium

Robert Smith


Produced by

Leonard Sanderman and

Pedro Acker Caetano


Engineered, mixed, and mastered

by Pedro Acker Caetano


Additional engineering by

Pál Kerekes and Haruna Higa


Photography by Nathan Barker


Recorded on 4 - 6 June, 2019

at St Saviour’s Church,

Richmond Hill, Leeds.

The scores of Smith's sacred choral music are freely available in a new scholarly edition. To commence your  download, please click the relevant button.

A complete set of scores may be found below.

These scores may be used freely for all non-commercial purposes as well as performances and recordings. 

Please give your feedback, especially if you perform this

music, by writing to


please note that despite extensive proofreading, the printed edition contains minor errors in:

- Exile No.2., bars 181-185

the versions on this website have been updated.



The Complete Sacred Choral Music




Psalm 130

SATB, limited div, Bar solo

Psalm 115 & 117

SATB, semichorus, S solo

Psalm 137

SATB, some div, SSTB soli

Book of Common Prayer Offertory Sentence

SATB, minimal div, T solo

Sir Nicholas Breton

SATB, limited div, T solo

Matthew 11.28-29

SATB, some div, semichorus

Book of Common Prayer

SATB, minimal div

Jean Racine

SATB, some div, S solo

Further Downloads

Further Downloads

The Eoferwic Consort

The Eoferwic Consort

Further material is available: 

please click the relevant button

to start your download.


Ailsa Campbell [2]

Susie Duxbury (3)

Valentine Ford (2, 8)

Elodie Lawry (6, 11)

Ella Rainbird-Earley [10, 11]

Helen Southernwood (7)

Sofia Swenson-Wright (3)
Darcy Thorpe



Luthien Brackett (2) [11]

Lewis Cullen

Solomon Hayes

April Kinder

Finn Lacey (11)

David McGregor (6, 7, 8)



Owen Butcher [5] (6)

Angus Champion (8, 11)

Robin Datta (2) [3]

Sandy Rowland [4] (7)


Clark Brydon (8, 11)

Johannes Gerges (6, 7)

Stuart O’Hara [1] (2)

Jonty Ward [3]


April and Solomon deputised for Lewis and Finn on tracks 7, 8, and 9. The track numbers next to the singers’ names indicate [solo] and (semichorus) sections.


Tracks 1-3 are accompanied on the 1913 Walker organ by Robert Smith. Tracks 4-6 and 10-11 are accompanied by Leonard Sanderman on the 1880 Mustel harmonium provided by

Alternatively, click here to listen to the recordings on YouTube.

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Fragment. Book of Common Prayer

SATB, minimal div

Book of Common Prayer

SATB, minimal div

Book of Common Prayer

SATB, minimal div

Jean Racine

SATB, some div, SA soli, semichorus

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